SectionCalc 4.0
CAD Section Property Calculator

Calculate all vital section properties of any CAD section in less than 1 minute!

Calculating CAD section properties can be a cumbersome task - you may need to worry about external macros, realign co-ordinate system, and consolidate regions if the section has holes and islands.

SectionCalc©is a breakthrough wizard that helps users to simultaneously calculate all of the following section properties of cross-sections defined in any DXF compliant CAD in one quick and easy step:

SectionCalc key Benefits

SectionCalc can be used in conjunction with any DXF compliant CAD application on any 32 or 64 bit computer running Vista, XP, Windows 7, or Windows 8. Disk requirement is less than 1 MB.

How does SectionCalc work?

Calculating CAD section properties with SectionCalc is easy as 1, 2, and 3 - here are the steps involved in calculating the section properties of a complex cross-section in CAD as shown below.

Step 1. Save profile geometry of the section in CAD in DXF standard file format.

Step 2. Open the DXF file in SectionCalc as shown below.

Step 3. See results in a split second - SectionCalc calculates and displays the results as shown below.

The Save As button allows you to save the results in CSV standard file format readable by Excel. OK button activates the verification window to show the section was detected correctly and displays the centroid location as shown in the following illustration.

If you need CAD section properties - you need SectionCalc!